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Why Us?

The ecommerce journey can be hard and tricky for both new entrepreneurs still trying to figure out what their first store and product will look, and even those to scale. Especially when they are not living in the US/EUR/UK and other few developped countries. which leads them to being blocked and delayed from improving.

This was the main purpose of Flashgateway. Our whole consists on finding and sharing the absolute best ways to process payments on stores consistantly in order to maintain a sucessfull growing business and a consistant cashflow. Unfortunetly, the leaders on the payment processing industry are always too strict with non US/EUR/UK citizens. Which can be highly understood, otherwise they would be losing money. However, we’ve discoverd that there are always ways to access them in a completely legal and effective way. it does take an endless amount of trial and error. But at the end , it is worth it. And we;ve here to go through the proces on your behalf before summarizing it to you.

Processing Payments is way more than just setting up accounts in random platforms. Flashgateway gets entrepreneurs to solve Payment Processing Issues. All types and kinds included. Setting up a payment processor is a place of cake. Maintaining it is another story.

Starting an ecom business is in theory not that hard of a process. That's it, you've picked your best theme, found the next winner, got the marketing idea that will absolutely crush it

When in reality you'll be continously facing unexpected issues as you move forward.
Having the idea of the perfect store or even a golden product ready to be sold is just not enough. If you do not have a solid system that will contain your sells growth. Then your plan is doomed to failure.

And this is where we step in. By teaching you exactly what you will need in order to bypass this barrier that screws your cashflow,your focus, your conversion rate, and most importantly, your time, let's be realistic.
You're not a US citizen, not a UK nor a European one. You will get chased by every platform from the moment you start making sells. You do not only need approved accounts here and there. You do need to learn how to use them.

What you will master

History of Stripe for a better understanding

Reverse engineering of a successful payment processor user

Understand algorithms of each platform

Isolate choices and figure out the best solution

How to setup a UK company

How to setup a UK bank account and get The Credit Card shipped to your home country

How to setup your Payment gateway (Stripe) and link it to your bank account

How to create a UK paypal account

The relation between your Store/website And your Payment Processor

How to manage and maintain your Stripe/Paypal accounts

How to avoid being flagged

How to manage and maintain your Banking systems

How to manage and maintain your company

Introduction to Accountants and legal experts

Wise Pieces of advice.


All you need to drive your eCommerce buisiness effectively.

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why is our course better than formation companies/paying someone to setup

Payment processors as well as banking systems are incredibely dynamic. Paying someone to set up an account without instructions nor anything to help you with in the future is basically you buying a bomb on timer. You never know what will happen next and it usually ends with a 3 to 6 months hold and you getting back to researching a new account maker.

This is not our vision. We do believe you should understand how payment processors actually work and how to convince the people behind the screen that you do actually deserve to work with them. Because yes, when using a payment processing platform. You're their partner and if you do manage your business poorly, they'll be paying as well.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

by - Maimonides

Our Story

Know us better

Interactive Entreprenuer Community

Arrived to build a growing family of more than XXXX+ members on the same wavelength as you. An ideal place where you can network and stay informed of the latest changes and updates.

Been in the Market For 2 Years.

A lot of hindarances and barriers were faced during these 2 years of intensive work. However, that led us to achieve our vision and materialize our hope on finding a permanent solution that would help a large community of worldwide entreprenuers.


Successfully solved the pament processing problem for more than XXX students and built a productive relationship with more than XX leading payment processing and banking platforms.

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Our Story Doesn't End Here

It lasts through permanent follow up, future predicted partnerships and continous researches that aim to stay up to date with minimal and major updates as well as finding better solutions overtime in order to keep the #1 rank on the ladder.

" The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. "

— "Herbert Spencer"

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